“Alisa, how do you afford all these theatre tickets!?”

Because I’m absolutely loaded and can do what I want when I want – not! Truth is, I’m a frugal theatre fanatic and having always kept an eye open for cheap tickets, I came across this beauty last summer; Friday Rush, and I have made use of it ever since. Every Friday at 1pm, the National Theatre release various tickets for the following week at just £20 each. And I know what you’re all thinking ‘oh but you probably can’t even see the stage.’ Nope, not the case at all. In fact, I’ve been sat in the stalls more often than not. It’s just another reason for my love of the National.


If £20 is an iddy bit too much, then hundreds of £15 tickets are also sold as part of The National’s Travelex Season. I booked these for Les Blancs and no we weren’t right at the front, but as you’ll have seen from my review, this clearly wasn’t a hindrance at all. Travelex also have tickets for The Suicide, which is ironically absolutely hilarious, so have a read if you’re feeling curious because I loved it.

A lot of us are at that age, about half way to 50 and it’s like woah please slow down! But it’s not all bad – the Young Vic, where I saw the outstanding Blue/Orange (review to come) have tickets for as little as £10 available for 25 and unders, students and for 60 and overs too- woohoo! Who would have thought that theatre tickets in the heart of London could cost less than a one day travel card!?

If you loved reading about A Midsummer Night’s Dream as much as I loved watching it, you can get standing tickets at Shakespears’s Globe for a minuscule £5 – at least it’s front row (kind of)!

Nonetheless, theatre is theatre and it seems a few of my readers didn’t realise how accessible it is.


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