24 hrs in the city that changed my life 

Guten Morgen! It’s Monday, you’ve not long woken up and going back to work probably isn’t the most exciting thing on your agenda. I’m on a 4 hour train journey back to Frankfurt, completing a 24 hour round trip to the city where I first fell in love with Germany.

People always ask how I ever became interested in German and what made me want to move to Germany- in a nutshell, the answer is Berlin. 10 years ago (almost to this day) I was one of those annoying school kids taking up the entire pavement on a school trip in Berlin. Just one week at age 15 of putting my KS4 German into practice, going on several excursions and learning that it’s not always safe to just nod your head when you don’t have a clue what someone is saying to you, I had fallen in love with the city and have taken every opportunity to come back since. Yesterday I arrived in Berlin for the 7th time and got that same buzz that I do whenever I arrive.

The capital was calling this weekend as I travelled north on the Deutschebahn to visit loved ones. Tour guide for the day, we stopped off at some of the main landmarks in Berlin: Potsdamer Platz, the Jewish memorial, Brandenburger Gate (featuring the hotel where MJ displayed his child from the window), the Reichtag and finally the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz, of course seeing parts of the Berlin Wall along the way.

Berlin Bear

Berlin Wall


We had the best time! But after a day of sharing stories from the past 7 months, teaching  history and walking around a city that inspired me to be where I am today, it was time to say goodbye. Talking of which, I am going to have a nap now. Berlin, you have as always been amazing!
Auf Wiedersehen!

Berlin Main Station

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