How to travel Europe from Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the perfect location to travel from. It’s located in the centre of Europe and is home to Germany’s  largest airport, making travel to other European countries extremely easy and accessible.  I’ve put together a few tips to help you out when exploring. Here’s how to get around:


There are two airports in Frankfurt:
Frankfurt International (FRA) – approx 15 mins to the main station by train
Frankfurt Hahn (HHN) – approx 2 hours to the main station by bus
I’ve never flown to Hahn as I don’t think it’s worth the hassle but flights are usually cheaper if you’d rather save the money than time.

Quick tip: For those of you considering Prague, you can actually drive there in 5.5 hours, but if you don’t have a car then it’s a one-hour flight, so I went for this option instead of taking a train and a bus to get there.


I took the the train to Paris instead of flying. It was cheaper, there was no faffing with 100ml bottles and no queueing at security. The Deutsche Bahn does offer free wifi  for your journey but I’d be lying if I told you it was reliable. Regardless, I choose the train over flying any time.

Here’s a few places you can reach by train from Frankfurt main station:
Paris – 4 hours
Amsterdam – 4 hours
Brussels – 3 hours
Zurich – 3 hours



If time is no issue and you’re looking for a good price or planning a spontaneous trip, I would recommend using Flixbus for your travels. Whilst the length of your journey will probably triple, you’ll likely only pay one third of the price.

Reasonable bus journeys from Frankfurt:
Strasbourg – 4 hours
Zurich – 7 hours
Luxembourg – 8 hours

Car sharing

Blabla Car is a car sharing company, which allows you to travel with others and other to travel with you. It’s a way to either get a cheap trip or save on petrol money. Of course, you’d be travelling with strangers, which, of course, is the catch. Sometimes the people you meet are great, and sometimes they are not so great. But again, this a good option for last-minute trips on the cheap. I’m not sure if I would use Blabla Car to go abroad, but I did use it when I last went to Cologne.


Enjoy exploring Europe and feel free to let me know if you have any other recommendations 🙂

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  1. Frankfurt really is an ideal place for exploring the continent. Nothing seems to be far away compared to Sweden 😀

    Well, while living in Bratislava we had so many other countries at our doorstep, but I believe that Frankfurt probably have better connections to explore a larger part of Europe 🙂

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