Life post-Corona lockdown

One week into the corona lockdown in Germany and I was struggling. In fact, I just couldn’t wait for lockdown to be over. After eight weeks of being at home, the restrictions have been eased and I feel absolutely no excitement. Like nada. Zero relief.

Different countries are at different stages

One reason for the absolute anti-climax on hearing that Germany’s lockdown is over, is that the entire world is moving at different paces. Corona caused the globe to pull the emergency brakes, and I don’t think I can fully feel at ease with the situation until all countries are able to accelerate again, even if it is really slowly. I mean yes, Germany releasing lockdown is certainly a good start but I feel like it’s just one piece of the entire puzzle.

An expat friend of mine who lives in Sweden mentioned how relaxed it’s been, especially compared to the UK. He mentioned that there’s a discomfort in knowing that your friends and family can’t leave their house, but you can still socialise freely. Germany still has many restrictions but I kind of feel like this now too. I have friends all over the world who are all effected by corona to different extreme. So, in relation to that,  it’s not as if lockdown in Germany has been lifted and Corona has suddenly vanished from my life.

Everyday life

You know that friendly smile that you give the cashier person at the supermarket? You can forget it! Haha! It’s said that body language contributes to 55% of communication, and whilst we may not pay much attention to this, trying to grin form ear to ear whilst covered by a mask, in the hope that the cashier person can see my smile through my eyes, is just not the same! Haha!

Also, having to wear masks is just another reminder that Corona is still very much there and we need to be careful when out and about. It will be nice once we can just walk down the road without constantly steering out of people’s way as if we were on dodgems.

Things to do

So what do we do now that lockdown is over? Well, I’m still sitting in my apartment haha! Museums, shops, hair and beauty salons and parks re-opened in Hessen on 4th May 2020. But I’m taking my time with easing back into normal life.  I’ve taken public transport a few times, with my mask of course, and everything is so empty, there’s still an eery feeling to it all. For now, I guess I’ll continue to explore the open nature and as soon as Lufthansa allows, I’ll book a flight to see my family!

Stay healthy!

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  1. I feel exactly the same about it, Alisa! It’s just so unreal and to be honest, the virus is not gone. Life is not how it used to be. I still don’t feel like I can move around freely and I also rather stay home now or explore nature 🙂
    Stay healthy.

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