Frankfurt to Rüdesheim – A day trip

Rüdesheim is a small town in the Rheingau region, offering beautiful sites across the river Rhein, historical monuments and over 3000 hectares of vineyards. If you’re not familiar with Riesling wine, you sure will be after a trip to what’s said to be one of the best wine regions in the world.

Arriving in Rüdesheim

The RB10 is a direct train (1 hr 11 mins) from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to Rüdesheim Bahnhof. I’d suggest planning your journey in advance as the train only comes once an hour.
For the return journey: It’s worth noting that you are not allowed onto the platform until the train is physically there – something I found a bit odd haha!

Vineyards, Rüdesheim


Follow the crowd once you’re off the train and you’ll head towards the Drosselgasse. This is a narrow, cobbled street that runs through Rüdesheim, lined with small, typically German, wooden-facaded restaurants and houses. You can take a stroll, and if you’d like to stop for food and enjoy a glass of Riesling, Breuer’s Rüdesheimer Schloss is nice. (Although typically German in the sense you may struggle if you don’t eat meat or fish.)

German buildings on Drosselgasse
Lunch at Breuer’s Rüdesheimer Schloss
Narrow streets of Rüdesheim town

Rüdesheim cable cars

You’ll no doubt see the queue for the cable cars on the Drosselgasse. This ten-minute ride takes you directly above the vineyards, dropping you off at top of the Boosen mountain.
Quick tip: Pay at the machine (by card) so that you can skip the queues 😊

Cable car ride over the vineyards (2019)
Rüdesheim Vineyards

Boosenberg (mountain)

The views from the top of the Boosenberg really are breathataking. You can see from my photos that I visited on both a clear and overcast day – I was just as impressed each time. As well as being home to several restaurants where you can taste Riesling, the local wine, you can also see the intricate details of the tremendous Niederwald monument up close.

Drinking Riesling on the Boosenberg
Niederwald monument

Want to stay for longer?

Once you’ve taken the time to enjoy the Riesling and stop for an ice-cream, you will most likely be ready to head back to Frankfurt. But if you do decide to spend a night or two in this wonderful wine region, you can take a look at the following websites for more info on things to do:

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