Alternative things to do in Frankfurt

Got friends visiting but don’t know what to do as you’ve already been up the Main Tower 3 times and quite frankly, you don’t fancy doing it again? Or maybe you just want to do something different but Google isn’t bringing up anything in particular?

I’m about to have my 7th round of visitors since moving to Frankfurt and I’ve managed to do something slightly different every time I have people here. So rather than just visiting the typical tourist attractions, why not take a look at my top alternative things to do in Frankfurt?

Dialog Museum
An exhibition in the pitch dark, lead by blind and partially sighted tour guides. You’re taken on a ‘tour of Frankfurt’ and even go for a drink. You’ll be surprised how quickly you trust those around you and how much your senses heighten.

Jump’n Fly Indoor Trampolining
Find your inner child and go indoor trampolining! Great for group visits and those who don’t mind tiring themselves out 🙂 Jump’n Fly also has a foam pit, climbing wall and a jump tower.

Escape Room
The perfect place to take your competitive friends whilst they’re in Frankfurt. Escape Events in Ostend offers 3 rooms: Biohazard, The Temple and The Bomb. I’d recommend you book two rooms and see who makes it out first!

Bike Sharing
Bike sharing companies have planted their wheels all over Frankfurt! If you really want to show your friends the city you live in, hiring a bike is a pretty good idea. For fees as low as 50 cents/ 30 mins, you can’t go wrong!

City Beach/ City Alm
City Beach for the summer and City Alm for the winter, the two are pretty self explanatory. Spend your day on the beach or at the Christmas market with a constant flow of food and beverages, and a view over the city.

Outdoor swimming pools
Frankfurt has various outdoor swimming pools spotted all over the city. Great for a day of chilling out in the sun, they are clean and have useful facilities including lockers and showers. You could even bring a picnic!

Venture out
Are your visitors with you for an extra long weekend? Or perhaps they’ve been to Frankfurt before? You could always take a day trip to Cologne or Heidelberg and use car sharing to get you there for a good price.

Of course, there’s always Römer, Palmengarten and all the museums that Frankfurt has to offer, but it’s always fun to try something new. Feel free to get in touch if you have any other ideas that are worth recommending – enjoy!

Frankfurt am Main

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