Schwanheimer Düne, a nature reserve in Frankfurt

Located in Höchst, Schwanheimer Düne is not far from the station and is worth a visit if you fancy a quiet walk with a green backdrop.

You can reach Höchst station from Frankfurt main station in less than 15 minutes, and it’s perfect for exploring the suburbs if you fancy a break from the inner-city.


You can enjoy the scenic walk from Höchst station to Schwanheimer Düne by making your way to Höchst castle and its surrounding gardens before crossing Leaunabrücke (Leauna bridge). If you really take everything in then this little wander can last around an hour, so you may prefer to take the Walter Kolb ferry across the river or walk straight to the dunes.


Schwanheimer Düne is a rare inland dune, which isn’t usually found in Europe, and has been one of Hessen’s nature reserves since 1984. A fitting wooden path of approx 400m runs through the nature reserve, protecting the rare animals and plants, whilst allowing you to explore.

The nature reserve itself is quite small but there is plenty of surrounding greenery to be explored. Half a day would be the perfect for this little trip, perhaps longer if you want to stop for an ice-cream before jumping on the train back to Frankfurt.



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