Frankfurt from a different perspective

Frankfurt: a summary

Google “Frankfurt” and click “images.” You’ll see hundreds of photos of:

  • The skyline

Then google “What is Frankfurt like?” You’ll find loads of websites that tell you:

  • It’s international;
  • You can get by without German;
  • Something about banks;
  • Which will lead to a comparison to London;
  • Oh, and Apfelwein.

These are all true and I’ve written about them myself, but surely there’s more?

Well here are some points I’d add to the list. Frankfurt is:

  • Practical (everywhere is easy to reach);
  • Up and coming (I see new cafes, bars and buildings popping up all the time);
  • Dynamic (there’s plenty of history yet a modern flare);
  • A city of its own (so please stop comparing it to cities that it will never be);
  • Versatile (of course there’s the city centre and River Main, but Frankfurt also has a city forest, and is surrounded by plenty of lakes).

Frankfurt: photography

I love the hidden corners and different perspectives that I see when walking around Frankfurt. So here are some photos of what the city has to offer; this time without the typical ‘skyline from a bridge’ shot. All photos are my own 🙂


Have you tried walking through Frankfurt’s skyline, rather than viewing it from afar?

Omniturm & Main Tower
Japan Centre, Omniturm & Main Tower
The Trianon & Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank & UBS

This city is constantly being built upwards, yet manages to maintain its tranquility.

Alte Oper

Just a stone’s throw away from the finance district is Opernplatz. Home to Frankfurt’s Opera House (Alte Oper), and the surrounding bars and restaurants.

Alte Oper
Alte Oper
Alte Oper

City Centre

A few snaps of Frankfurt’s city centre.

Eschenheimer Tor
Palais Frankfurt

Nizza Garden

The Nizza Garden, full of Mediterranean plants, is located on the River Main.

Nizza Garden
Nizza Garden


Frankfurt’s Altstadt (Old Town), newly renovated in 2019.

Altstadt, Römer & Commerzbank Tower

River Main

The sunrise over the Main is a pretty sight, if you can mange to get up early enough 😉

River Main

Having all this right on my doorstep, is not what convinced me to move to Frankfurt, but what convinced me to stay.

You can see more of my posts on Frankfurt here!

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