3 Castles hiking trail, Taunus – A day trip

I’d seen that the 11km 3 Castles Trail or 3-Burgenweg lasts approx 3 hours. This is true if you’re a pro who is ready to power through the hike. But instead, why not explore the three castles and relax a little whilst taking in the breathtaking views. For this, based on my own experience, you’ll need 5 – 6 hours. And it was worth every minute, so here goes with the what, where and when ūüôā

What to bring?

  • Plenty of water
  • Lots of snacks
  • Cash for entry to the castles (‚ā¨10 – ‚ā¨15)
  • Swimwear if you fancy stopping off at ‘K√∂nigstein Kurbad’ pool

Arriving in Kronberg

Take the S4 from Hauptbahnhof to Kronberg (the last stop) in less than half an hour. Yes, it’s that simple. You’ve arrived! One thing I love about Frankfurt is that you can go from walking through sky scrapers to walking up mountains within 30 minutes.

First Stop: Kronberg Castle

Once you’re off the train, head uphill to Kronberg Castle. I would recommend having Google Maps to begin with, but luckily the entire 3-Burgenweg is sign-posted! Following the signs adds to the fun, and also saves your battery life ūüôā

Look out for these signs!
Kroberg Castle
The view from Kronberg Castle

Second Stop: Königstein Castle

The 3-Burgenweg route is quite versatile and also takes you into K√∂nigstein town, so don’t be surprised when you get to the main roads – just keep looking out for the signs. You can also enjoy the Kurpark, which is where I stopped for lunch and an ice-cream.

Königstein Kurpark
Königstein Kurpark

Once you’ve walked through the Kurpark, you’ll head up to K√∂nigstein Castle, and perhaps make some friends on the way!

Say hello to the goats!
Königstein Castle

If you’ve got time after visiting the castle, you can stop at K√∂nigstein Kurbad for a dip in the outdoor pool with a backdrop of the mountains. Of course, you should call before you go, I’m sure we’re all used to Corona restrictions by now. And be warned: Your hike is far from over, so don’t relax too much!

Third Stop: Falkenstein Castle

Falkenstein Castle is the third and final of the 3-Burgenweg. Get ready for the up-hill walk through the forest and don’t forget to look out for the signs! It’s worth climbing the few extra steps here and there to make the most of the beautiful views.

Loving life in the forest!
Falkenstein Castle
The view from Falkensetin Castle

Hiking in the Taunus was amazing! And as you can tell, I would certainly recommend the 3-Burgenweg. How lucky to practically have this on your doorstep when living in Frankfurt!? For more info on the hike, check out the Taunus website, it’s in German but is pretty straight forward.

Happy hiking!

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