Cycling from Frankfurt to Mainz

I am thoroughly enjoying cycling in and around Frankfurt! After adjusting to the initial discomfort of the saddle and finally having some good weather, I cycled all the way to Mainz. Here are a few tips for if you’re thinking of doing the same!

How long will it take?

According to Google maps, the quickest journey is 2 hours. But I cycled the scenic route and stopped every now and then to admire the views, so I arrived in Mainz after around 2.5 hours.

The cycle route

The route is super easy!

I started off by cycling on the southern riverbank of the Main (which I would recommend), headed in the direction of Mainz, and just kept going.

Keep an eye out for the green and white Radweg signs, and follow the R3 route to ‘Rhein/ MZ-Kastel.’

R3 Radweg sign

It’s a pleasant cycle and mostly flat, so I was pretty ok for an amateur cycler. I’d be lying if I said that my legs weren’t aching towards the end though. Don’t forget to stretch!

Cycling through Höchst

After cycling through Industriepark Höchst you’ll get to a blue bridge (Werksbrücke Mitte), which I’ve shared a photo of below. This will take you over to the north side of the river, allowing you to comfortably continue to Mainz. If you’re wondering why I didn’t recommend cycling on the northern river bank to begin with, it’s because you have to cycle on the main roads for quite some time, which to be frank, just isn’t as nice.

Werksbrücke Mitte
Stopping off to enjoy the parks
Cycling through Flörsheim
Approaching Mainz via Mainz-Kastel

Once you reach Mainz-Kastel, you’ll just need to cycle over the bridge so you can say ‘I made it!’

Made it to Mainz!

If you’re feeling courageous, you can also follow the R3 Radweg back to Frankfurt. But after all that cycling, I could practically hear the train calling my name.

My best advice would be to follow the signs, bring lots of water (and perhaps some snacks) and when the going gets tough, just keep going.

Enjoy, cyclers!

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