Goetheturm in Frankfurt’s City Forest

Standing tall and mighty, Goetheturm (Goethe Tower) can’t be missed when you enter the City Forest from Frankfurt’s southern district, Sachsenhausen.

Originally built in 1867, in celebration of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the tower has been rebuilt twice. Those who have been in Frankfurt for a while may remember the tower’s most recent reconstruction in 2020, following an arson attack in 2017.

In more positive news, the Goetheturm, made of chestnut and oak wood, remains one of Frankfurt’s most popular tourist attractions – I can certainly recommend a visit!

Arriving at Goetheturm

The 48 bus takes you directly to Goetheturm. There is also parking if you’re going by car, and plenty of spaces for those arriving by bike.

Going up Goetheturm

If you fancy some physical activity, you can walk up all 175 steps between 1st April and 31st October, free of charge. The breathtaking views from the 43-metre tower are worth the achy legs – especially if you’re there on a particularly clear day.

City Forest

Once you’re back down from Goetheturm, you can stop at the cafe or bring food to enjoy at the picnic and bbq areas close by. There are play areas for those with children or, if like me, you are ready to explore Frankfurt’s rich green forest, you can head off for a walk or cycle.

Frankfurt City Forest

For more on the City Forest, check out my blog post on this beautiful pond that I stumbled across. 😍🌳


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  1. I can agree, Goetheturm is always worth a visit. During the last two months I was there a dozen times or more and even in misty weather like today it’s worth the way.
    You should have been there last Sunday at sunrise. It was a cloudless blue sky, the sun rising up behind the Spessart.

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