A summer weekend with visitors in Frankfurt

I am SO excited to have visitors in Frankfurt now that we can travel again! After lots of outdoor exploring in over the last two years, I can’t wait to share my discoveries with friends who come to visit.

Here’s a Friday to Sunday plan of what you might want to do when showing friends and family our wonderful city, Frankfurt.


Dialog museum

The Dialog museum provides an unparalleled experience for you and your guests. The tour takes place in the dark (!!) with a guide who is blind or partially sighted. I was nervous to begin with but it’s amazing how quickly you adapt and feel safe with the trusted staff. This unique experiences enhances your senses and empathy as you are guided through the museum and taken to a few familiar places. The Dialog museum is without a doubt one of my favourite experiences in Frankfurt. Read more here and check out their website for further details. English tours must be booked in advance.

Dialog Museum, Hauptwache

Altstadt and Römerplatz

You can’t have visitors in Frankfurt without heading to the Altstadt and Römerplatz. I usually combine this walk with a stroll along the river. Head east if you fancy stopping at Oosten bar and restaurant or West if you’d prefer a chilled drink on the river bank at Main Cafe. For more on what you can do to entertain guests on the Main, click here.

Rathaus, Römerplatz

Dinner and Drinks on Oederweg

Have you been to Oederweg recently? There’s lots more outdoor seating for summer dinners and drinks, and there are even a few new shops that have popped up too. Spend your evening on Oederweg and choose from an array of restaurants and a cocktail or glass of wine to follow – because why not!



Three Castles Hiking Trail

Find me a better hiking trail located so close to Frankfurt! Just 30 minutes on the S4 and you’re in Taunus, ready to start your hike. Explore the three castles, take in the magnificent views which only get better as the hike goes on. I’ve noted all the details here – from the signs you’ll need to follow to how much cash to bring! This is a must when the weather is good.

Kronberg castle
View from Königstein castle


Brunch and relax

There’s a high chance you’ll want a slow Sunday after an enjoyable day of hiking. So how about a cosy brunch to finish up the weekend before your friends head home. I’m actually a fan of home made brunches, but if you want to head out then I’d recommend Sunny Side Up.

Have the best time!

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