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Alisa Jordan Walker, Senior Marketing Manager
That’s me at my day job. I develop marketing strategies and create engaging content to help financial companies meet business goals. This includes websites, social media, brochures, articles, and more. Most recently, I’ve loved delving into SaaS solutions and the world of financial tech! For details on who, what, where, when and why, jump to my LinkedIn profile.

Alisa Jordan
I dropped my surname for the blog – still me though! Since blogging about living in Frankfurt and navigating German culture, I have built a loyal community of readers from whom I recieve ongoing positive feedback.

In case you’re wondering: Ich bin zweisprachig. Unterhalte mich mit Koleg*innen und führe Gespräche auf Deutsch. Beim Texten bleibe ich bei English, meiner Muttersprache. Allerdings kenne ich deutsche Texter*innen mit denen ich sehr gut zusammenarbeite.


I also make the time to collaborate with numerous brands ranging from lifestyle magazines to relocation companies. Click the logos to check out some of my words.

  • Black Ballad aims to elevate the lives of black women.
  • One of my articles was a top-viewed article of the week.

  • The Local is the largest English-language news network in Europe.

  • Talera offers flexible English language training.

  • Dispatches Europe is a communications company aimed at the global expats

  • LAPP embodies the 21st century girl and issues they face in today’s society

  • Migrating Miss is a travel and relocation blog.

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