FAQs about Alisa Jordan

It's only natural that we want to know more about the person behind the blog posts - I'm exactly the same! After years of sharing my experience of living in Frankfurt and being in touch with so many of you, I've put together your FAQs, so that the answers are all in once place 😊... Continue Reading →

Struggling with German in Frankfurt

I definitely had an advantage when I moved to Germany. In hindsight being able to speak German before I got here was actually a huge advantage and I wasn't quite aware of how much my German language skills contributed to the ease of settling in in Frankfurt. Yes, there were times when I needed to look... Continue Reading →

Do you dream in German?

To answer simply - yes. But what I actually find interesting is how I dream in German. I work in a bilingual environment, meaning there are some words that I only really use in German and others that I only really use in English, depending on what I am speaking about. Sometimes I even have to... Continue Reading →

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